Tribal Consulting is a fully-fledged level-1 professional services company that has built its reputation in Africa as leading force in the following competency areas:

  • change management services
  • change management training & certification
  • Contract Resourcing on Projects

Our consultants and associates have an average of 20 years of continuous learning in the competencies above hence our motto – we have done this before!.

Two brains are better than one
Each consultant has the support and guidance of our network – ensuring a quality outcome.

Buddying up
True partnering ensures our clients are left with tools, skills and confidence to tackle subsequent challenges.

Hitting the ground
A proven change toolkit, from every type of change challenge. Speedy traction. No reinventing!

No body shop
Our flexible working options attract experienced associate consultants – enabling creative, economical resource solutions.

Strong partnerships
Long term relationships with professional services and known technology brands.

Our success is built on the results we’ve delivered for our clients.

Benefits of working with Tribal

Some of the ways in which clients will receive the benefits of our methodology and approach include:

  • We provide an external view or lensabout the challenges and opportunities facing your organisation
  • We bring best-of-breed experience and expertisein the fields of change and strategy implementation, and have worked in a variety of contexts and organisations
  • As external consultants we can often say things that are more difficult for internal actorsto express; we feel ethically and professionally committed to telling it as we see it, in an appropriate way, at the appropriate time and to the appropriate audience
  • We hire the best consultants in the businesswith a varied set of backgrounds (including management consulting, organisational development, change management, strategy development, programme management, clinical and industrial psychology, political science, and business science), who are deeply committed to their career choice in change consulting.
  • We are committed to the highest levels of ethical practicewhich includes being courageous enough to suggest that we act as partners in a consulting engagement, building collaborative delivery teams, and speaking up when we have value to add. We are willing to share difficult news in the appropriate way with a client and believe it is our ethical duty to do so
  • We bringdecades of consulting experience in a range of industries, with a niche focus on Financial Services (Banking and Insurance), Retail, Manufacturing and FMCG
  • We are passionately committed to adding valueto our clients and work tirelessly towards this end
  • We continue learning about the complex field of change and strategy implementation and will help you to learn about how to implement change better in your organisation.