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Location Johannesburg – Absa Hoskins House (21527X)
Work Location:


45 Mooi Street

Business Unit AT Valpre – Valpre (AT Valpre)
Labour Type Technical
Positions Requested 1
Respond by Date 2018-09-03
Travel Time 0.000 %
Time Sheet Type Standard
Time Sheet Frequency Weekly and Monthly
Hours per Day 8
Hours per Week 40
Total Hours 840.00
Estimated Additional Spend 0.000 %
Estimated Expenses 0.000 %
Flat Adjustments 0.00


Overall Job Purpose

Oversee and manage the effective provision of key insights, information solutions and value adding advanced analytics that will facilitate the effective formulation of information-based propositions to drive purposeful, client-centric activity and strategies.

Accountability: Oversee the Development of Management Information

· Oversee the development and implementation of an effective reporting framework, including a self-help platform.
· Oversee and manage the overall process for consistency, redundancy and continuous improvement.
· Oversee and manage the implementation of sustainable practices to maintain the integrity of data, information, reporting and insights.
· Oversee the design and implementation of tactical and/or operational reports for BU and the follow-through up to the point where delivery takes place on the front end system.
· Oversee the documentation of new developments earmarked for frequent use, and the adherence to Production standards for handover purposes.
· Oversee the effective communication of high level data solutions to the key stakeholders. Ensure all immediate team members are properly trained on effective communication.
· Oversee the effective translation of data extracts from data sourced and the conversion thereof into meaningful decision making tools.
· Coach immediate MI team members on how to interpret reports and conduct analysis through sharing practical examples.
· Engage with critical business stakeholders and determine their information requirements, how often they require it, and the relevance of the required information to the strategic, tactical and operational decisions of the business.
· Develop and maintain a process where new and existing information/data requests from business stakeholders are monitored and actioned by the MI team
· Review requests for adhoc and productionalised reports. Coordinate delivery of the MI team with consideration of existing capacity in response to the scheduled report to be delivered for business stakeholders.
· Ensure that data quality and governance issues are addressed and managed as per the Absa Group policy. Create awareness within the MI team and put in place a process of addressing and managing these issues.
· Review quality and presentation of work completed by the MI team members and distributed to the business unit stakeholder on an adhoc basis to ensure department standards are followed.

Accountability: Oversee the Development of Business Intelligence
· Oversee the collaboration of immediate team with other internal stakeholders to resolve database challenges related to data definitions or quality or time delivery of data.
· Set up processes and protocol to continuously measure monthly performance against intent, looking for anomalies, gaps and opportunities, and oversee the production thereof.
· Oversee the sourcing, analyzing and interpretation of content and trends with accompanied profiling, insights and commentary.
· Oversee the development of appropriate scorecards and dashboards for business performance measures. Ensure that adequate and reliable data will be available to populate the scorecards and dashboards at the required intervals.
· Contribute to the development of new product or channel business cases by reviewing assumptions against intelligence gathered and ensure that business cases are supported by factual data.
· Oversee the interpretation and analyses of business structured or unstructured data including the identification of opportunities and/or insights.
· Oversee and manage the provision of in-depth customer focused, goal-oriented insights and informatics that will drive/enable value creation, proposition design, decision making and customer management for the BU structure.
Oversee and manage the provision of detailed localized insight reports to cross functional stakeholders informing appropriate business approach to their operating environment.
· Provide input on the design of data extracts and static reports for external parties and statutory reports. Ensure that reports for external parties are checked (example balancing to the GL, source to source checking) and approved by business prior to distribution.

Accountability: People Management
· Develop and maintain an effective recruitment plan to ensure that the team is composed of individuals with the right skills and capabilities to ensure the success of the unit
· Lead and inspire team members to deliver extraordinary work
· Engender an atmosphere of trust and open dialogue in order to expose the business reality at all times
· Promote a high performance culture in the team through embedding formal Performance Development, coaching, mentoring, and building up team members through leading by example
· Determine, together with the HRBP, training needs and training plans and ensure that these are budgeted for with Finance business partners and executed for the team
· With the support from the HRBP, interview and recruit, socialise and on-board high calibre/high potential direct reports
· Approve leave requests for direct reports and effectively manage the leave plans for the team
· Ensure that the team implements and monitors that all poor performance is addressed through the Absa Performance Accelerator Programme and that continued poor performance is adequately dealt with. Review PAP reports to determine effectiveness of interventions.
· Drive an appropriate Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) action plan together for the area
· Manage all people management processes in the area including but not limited to Performance Development, Employee Relations, workforce planning etc

Accountability: Business Management
· Agree targets and take accountability for the overall achievement of performance objectives in the department in terms of employee satisfaction, customer experience, cost performance, return on investments, risk, and compliance and governance requirements.
· Manage departmental budgets including signing off of invoices and quotes within mandate. Escalate out of budgets items to the Head/Manager for approval
· Sign off capital expenditure within budget.
· Provide clear direction to team members on the area’s strategic plan and key focus areas.
· Analyse effectiveness of processes and systems in use in the department and make recommendations for improvements
· Review balanced scorecards, discuss gaps and agree action plans to close gaps.
· Agreed and manage service offerings and SLAs with internal customers (agree annually and measure on a monthly basis).

Accountability: Risk Management
· Ensure processes, control requirements and risk management frameworks that have been designed for the MI & BI team are understood by all stakeholders and regularly reviewed and updated
· For audit findings that have an impact on the MI & BI team, agree around the actions required and implement the required actions
· Ensure remediation actions are embedded within the required timelines
· Log and investigate all risk and loss events and ensure the issues are resolved and escalated as per the applicable policy
· Ensure regulatory and compliance training is completed and applied
· Continuously review product life-cycle to identify and mitigate risk areas

Education and Experience Required
· B-degree in Information Management or Science or similar (NQF level no.6)
· Five (5) years work experience in information management and/or IT in a financial services environment
· Five (5) years Financial Data Management experience
· Three (3) Experience in successful business and technology enterprise transformation and experience in developing standards and processes

Knowledge & Skills: (Maximum of 6)
· Analytical and advanced numerical skills
· Knowledge of formulation of strategies with specific focus on customer value management
· Knowledge op management information and business intelligence best practices
· Problem solving (solid)
· Commercial and business acumen (solid) required

Competencies: (Maximum of 8 competencies)
· Deciding and initiating action
· Analysing
· Entrepreneurial and commercial thinking
· Relating and networking
· Adapting and responding to change
· Persuading and influencing
· Creating and innovating

• Able to create own power point templates
• Have some writing skills (Most of our reports go up to senior executives)
• Have the ability to collect and analyze data
• I need someone who can deliver without being checked
• They need to be energetic and can work under pressure
* High EQ level
* Proactive thinker and worker
* Very reliable and driven to deliver timeously

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